The Ultimate Chevy Performance Parts Garage

Owning the ultimate Chevy performance parts garage begins with a trusted vendor who can get the parts you want, when you need them, and at a price that won’t deplete your budget. Supply is in demand and the trusted Pros at know their stuff when it comes to helping you find just the part or combination of components you want to create the optimum racing machine.

What’ll it be? As far as engines go, Classic Muscle offers the COPO crate engines as well as both the LS-Series and LSX-Series crate engines and components for a smokin’ hot upgrade to most Chevy (and GM) models. Too hot to handle? You bet, especially when power and speed matter above everything else your ultimate garage has to offer.  

That engine isn’t complete without the components that go with it. Why buy an engine “over there” the transmission “way out there” and the accessories “here and there” when you can get everything you need at We’re more than just engines. We can provide everything you need, from drive shafts to intake manifolds to pin striping.  

Order extra parts for the glamour or order as you need to save space. Either way, we’re here to help you become the ultimate Chevrolet performance parts garage – and the envy of all your friends.