10 Unique Gift Ideas For Car Lovers and Classic Car Enthusiasts

Classic car lovers are much easier to buy gifts for than in the past. Show your appreciation for the enthusiast’s hobby by giving him or her one of these more popular gifts.

  1. A Calendar Featuring Classic Cars - Provides 12 months’ worth of several classics or one vintage automobile in various ‘poses.’ Few auto repair shops are without at least one. To further personalize the calendar, mark each date with the time and location of future vintage car shows. You may also consider including coveted tickets to a national or international car show with the dates and location highlighted on the calendar.

  2. Auto Detailing Supplies - Excellent gifts for the enthusiast who loves spending the weekend buffing the car’s finish to high-gloss shine or detailing its interior. Plus, detailing protects the finish as well as seat upholstery to give it years of that “new car” scent and look. We recommend Wizard products.

  3. Car Cover - Dust is hard on a car’s finish and a custom car cover made to fit the classic in question will keep it clean and shiny between around-town excursions as well as protected, even if it is kept parked in the garage.

  4. Telescoping Magnetic Wand or Retractable Lamp - A telescoping magnetic wand is a wonderful tool that will pick up nuts or bolts that have dropped or rolled into hard-to-reach places. A retractable lamp is indispensable as it allows you to put light where you need it without a third hand then push it out of the way when not in use.

  5. Apparel - Caps and t-shirts let your favorite classic car lover publicly display a preferred year, make or model automobile. We have a large selection of apparel for you to browse through.

  6. Books  - Books written about a particular vintage car are especially dear to a restoration enthusiast when they include glossy color photos of original models. These will likely be used restore a classic as closely as possible to the original. Wondering where to find a classic car manual, start here.

  7. A Classic Car Magazine Subscription  - A gift that keeps on giving year round. When your classic car lover isn’t working on restoring a car, he or she can be reading up on the next restoration project or stay current with advice from others.

  8. Posters or Car Models - Their preferred vintage car is particularly enjoyed when displayed in the restoration enthusiast’s workshop. Be advised that just one is not often enough.

  9. Seat Covers and/or Floor Mats - These will help keep the interior in a spotless condition in case, at some point in the future, the car is sold. A clean, spot-free interior increases the car’s value. We recommend Auto Custom Carpet, Inc.

  10. Branded Merchandise - Key chains, cuff links, tie clasps, license plate frames, and gear shift knobs let your favorite restoration enthusiast further display a preference for a specific year, make, and model car.
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