Second Generation Nova (1966-67)

The second generation Nova ran only for two years, 1966 through 1967. Properly known as the Chevy II, with Nova only as an optional package, this compact car is what I would term to be Chevelle’s smaller, homely twin. The body styling featured sharp planes and lines but not much in the way of trim or brightwork. Although it was not a big seller, compact car buyers were still purchasing this model but most often with a V6 engine.

second generation nova

Base models were equipped with a 153 cubic inch inline-four engine rated at 90 horsepower. All models were equipped with safety steering columns, cushioned arm rests, padded visors, and should harness anchors. However, engine options available were a 194 cubic inch inline-six (standard on the Nova SS models); 230 cubic inch inline-six; 283 cubic inch with either 195 HP or 220 HP; 327 cubic inch V8 with 275 HP rating; and a 327 cubic inch TurboFire V8 with 350 HP rating – the engine that transformed this little ride into a full blown muscle car when married with the close-ratio 4-speed manual transmission. The Powerglide automatic transmission was not available on the 327 TurboFire.

What made the Chevy II a 'Nova' was the option package. The Chevrolet Chevy II Super Sport was available only as a two-door coupe with a 194 cubic inch inline-six engine; the choice of either a Powerglide automatic transmission or a 4-speed manual transmission; Strato bucket seats; and the gearshift mounted in the center console (all other models were equipped with the gear shift on the steering column). SS emblems were applied to the grille whereas "Super Sport" in script was applied to the rear quarter panel but nowhere on the body would you find the name,"Nova".

While the Nova was the bestselling Chevy II model, this line was not the cream of the Chevy crop. It was outsold by the up and coming Camaro.