Reduce Reuse Recycle

April is Earth Month but, when you think about it, EVERY month should be earth month. If we use a little common sense in everything we do, whether at our jobs or our hobbies, we can prevent the earth from becoming one giant landfill/cesspool. Here are a few tips to help you reduce, reuse and recycle, whether it’s practiced at your automotive repair business or your home garage. REDUCE: Stop purchasing paper towels and start using rags. You’ll find cheap rags at the dollar store. If you’re a business, contract with a rag service to pick up the dirty ones and drop off clean rags. At home, you can launder the rags and dry them on the close line following every weekend. Save those cardboard boxes that parts are shipped in and advertise them “free” locally. As long as no colored ink was used, cardboard boxes will become dirt in some enterprising farmer’s garden. Clean up those chemical spills with absorbent pellets instead of washing it into the storm drain where it will pollute the local rivers and streams. If you don’t want to drink it, what makes you think the deer, frogs, and fish will appreciate it? REUSE: Old parts can be cleaned, refurbished, and reused in the event the new part becomes a problem. If you don’t want old parts sitting around or don’t have the time for cleaning and refurb, drop the parts off at the local automotive recycling warehouse the next time you’re by there. What the recycler can’t resell may become scrap metal. RECYCLE: Old motor oil drained from automobiles can be reprocessed and used for home heating fluid as well as help generate on-grid electricity by your local utility. Always recycle old motor oil. As for bald or thread-bare tires, these make excellent flower beds and playground equipment for children’s parks. Print off these instructions on how to use old tires stacked four high to plant potatoes vertically and give them to each person who asks you for “old tires.” Word will get around and those tires will literally roll themselves down the road. As for old brake rotors, axles, and such, it’s likely the local automotive recycling warehouse will accept these for scrap metal. Don’t forget to check out the parts inventory while you’re there in case they have something you need. RESTORE: You’re already helping the environment by restoring a classic so pat yourself on the back for helping conserve the earth’s natural resources. If you’re looking for classic Chevy parts to finish your latest job, contact us today!

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