New Year's Resolution: Complete Your Restoration By Spring!

Every gearhead eventually makes the same New Year’s resolution: to finally finish that restoration project. It can seem daunting, though, which is why the following breakdown will help you get your wheels on the road before the summer shows.

chevy restoration resolution spring

  1. First, get all the documentation you need. At the very least, you’ll need a new best friend, namely a muscle car parts catalog of your make and model. This is an excellent free resource.
  2. With that in hand, thoroughly inspect the current body, engine, exhaust, frame and every other component. Take an inventory of which parts and tools you’re going to need. If you’re not sure, give a Classic Muscle specialist a call.
  3. Which brings up an important point: don’t be afraid to bring a professional mechanic in on your project, either. Reserve a portion of the timeline and budget for those tasks outside your expertise or which need specialized equipment.
  4. You now have a good idea of what needs to get done. Tackling such a big job without a specific course of action planned out far in advance is sure to end in defeat. Break the project into pieces, break those pieces into smaller pieces, and keep doing this until you have a single, concrete goal to accomplish each week until your deadline.
  5. You eat an entire elephant the same way you eat an apple. One bite at a time. Be patient. Plan to chip away at your restoration, and measure your progress by hitting goals, not by the total percentage of work you still have to complete.

Finally, give us a call if you have any questions about your classic Chevy restoration. Sometimes we run promotions and discounts too, so ask about those while you have us on the phone: 884-251-4400. Thanks for stopping by and good luck!