Improve Your 69 Camaro Performance

You can restore a 1969 Camaro to its original standard equipment or you can improve upon it to perform the way a muscle car should. GM rolled out what has come to be recognized as "the" hot rod to drive or display in 1968 and the first generation Camaro has ever since ruled the imaginations of many minds, young and old alike. 


Improvements begin under the hood. The standard engine for the 1969 Camaro is a small block 230 cubic inch V6 engine coupled with a 3-speed manual transmission that provides all of 140 horsepower. But we know that muscle is synonymous with power. So Chevy's optional engine and transmission combinations give you all the power you can handle, literally and monetarily. 

Small block engine upgrades are available in the 250 cubic inch V6 engine, which would give you all of 155 horses while the 327 cubic inch V8 engine with a 2-barrel carburetor provides 210 horsepower. Opt for the 327 V8 with an optional 4-barrel carburetor and get up to 275 horses running wild under the hood. But the power doesn't end there. The 396 cubic inch big block V8 engine is available with either a 2-barrel carburetor for a maximum of 325 HP or the 4-barrel carburetor for 375 thundering horses. 


Now marry the big block engine to either a wide- or short-ratio two- or three-speed manual transmission or either of two available automatic transmissions: The 2-speed Powerglide or the preferred 3-speed Turbo-Hydramatic. You won't need jet fuel to rock your world or the neighborhood. 

Trim Packages

There are two trim packages for the 1969 Camaro: The RS (Rally Sport) and the SS (Super Sport). The Rally Sport trim package signified that the Camaro came with the deluxe interior and hidden headlights. The Super Sport trim package signified a high performance automobile and came with the fake vents on the rear fenders and the wide-band hood stripes, now more commonly identified as "Bumblebee" stripes popularized by the Transformer movies. 

When you're ready to improve your 1969 Camaro's performance and want the trim to broadcast all the power harnessed under the hood, shop for 1969 Camaro parts here or contact our specialists today.


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