Guide to Planning Your Classic Car Restoration Project

If this is your first time restoring a classic car you may not even be sure of where to begin. The success of your auto restoration project depends largely on how well you plan before you pick up a single tool. There are four areas you need to consider during your classic car rebuild: skills, time, authenticity and budget.

Mechanical Skills

Skills matter when it comes to your restoration project. If you are unsure of how to replace, remove or repair something on your vehicle, pick up a manual or book that tells you how to do it. After reading through the resources, if you still feel uncomfortable doing the job, get help from an expert who does know what to do. This will save you from having to repair mistakes you made on your classic car during the restoration. Don't be afraid to ask for help. A well-restored car is worth the small hit your pride takes from asking for assistance.

Time Available

How much time will you have to devote to your project? Are you retired and have several hours a day on most days of the week, or do you need to do this only on nights and weekends? Is there a specific time you need to have your car finished? Some people have a deadline of a classic car show or parade. Knowing the amount of time you have will help you to choose whether you want to rebuild a rusted clunker from the junk yard or just perform a light restoration on a well-preserved vehicle.

Authenticity vs. Performance

How authentic must your restoration be? Do you absolutely have to have an OEM '67 Camaro transmission or will an aftermarket product suffice? Choosing the aftermarket option may reduce the overall cost of your restoration, but the finished car may not be a perfect replica of an original.

Restoration Budget

Creating a budget before you start will ensure that you can finish the project and not have to abandon it for lack of funds. Your budget will also help you make decisions about which parts you buy. Whether your project is large or small, you can get the classic Chevy partsyou need for your classic Chevrolet restoration here.

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