First Generation Chevy Chevelle Celebrates 50th Anniversary

This year marks the 50th Anniversary of the Chevy Chevelle. Created as Chevy’s alternative to the Ford Fairlane, the first ever Chevelle was introduced in 1964 with several choice options and body styles. Harkening “back to the classic 50’s” with its 115 inch wheelbase, the Chevelle rode like a cloud and drove like a steam engine at full speed, taking its rightful place in the muscle car lineup. As one of Chevy’s most successful nameplates, body styles included two-door hardtop coupes, four-door sedans, convertibles and family station wagons. Two-door hardtops were referred to as “sport coupes” while four-door hardtops were called “sport sedans” and were available from 1966 through 1972. A two-door station wagon, with nameplates such as Greenbrier, Concours, and Concours Estate, were available during the 64-65 model year. The Chevelle boasted a powerful six-cylinder V8 engine.

classic chevy chevelle

The Chevelle SS was a muscle car that would compete for its own place in automotive history. Chevelle’s badges were stamped “Malibu SS” with style number 737 for the hardtop, 767 for the convertible. The SS (super sport) package offered SS badges, 14 inch Impala wheel covers (aka “hubcaps” in those days), vinyl bucket seats for makes with the Muncie four-speed transmission or the Powerglide two-speed transmission; a 283 ci four-barrel carbureted V8 engine with 220 HP rating. Engines available for the Chevelle were the Chevrolet Inline 6 with 194, 230, and 250 cubic inch displacement; the small block V8 engine with the owner’s choice of either 283 or 327 cubic inch displacement; and the Big Block V8 with 396 cubic inch displacement. All of these engines and other Chevy Chevelle parts are available at The first generation Chevelle was manufactured through 1977 with an A-Body platform. It was the precursor to the Laguna, Monte Carlo, Malibu, and the El Camino. In 1978, with the Oil Crisis and government regulations in full swing, Chevelle was repackaged as the smaller, economical Malibu. Interested in hearing about other classic Chevys or receiving other communications and promotions from Classic Muscle? Subscribe to our newsletter or leave a comment with any questions or topics you find interesting below. If you are a Chevelle lover and are in the process of restoring a classic, you can also shop for Chevelle parts at