Classic Chevy Performance vs Authenticity

I remember the first time I set eyes on that cherry red Camaro back in ’69. The low rumbling of the engine is what first caught my attention. I’m pretty sure my heart skipped a beat. My tongue stuck to the roof of my mouth and my brain ceased to function until it drove out of sight. While my eyes were glued to its sleek, powerful body, it’s quite possible that I forgot to breathe. Since then, I’ve dreamed of owning a ’69 Chevy Camaro, the end-all, be-all to my one-person kingdom. Perhaps you had the same or a similar reaction to your favorite Chevy muscle car or classic Chevy truck and you’ve managed to turn that dream into a reality. Except now the body is completely rusted out along with the floorboards and manifold; the engine is probably locked up; the seat covers – if there are any seats – and headliner became mouse dung or padding for bird’s nests in years gone by; or the car’s condition is a combination of these calamities. In essence, your dream car is a nightmare to everyone but you. The most important part is, it’s all yours. Finally. Now that you own a Chevy muscle car, what do you plan to do with it? Here is a list of the most common uses among vintage car enthusiasts, like us, in no particular order:

  • Restore it, perhaps upgrade to a high-powered engine, and take it to car shows all over the country
  • Satisfy a deeply rooted obsession that has gone, heretofore, unfulfilled
  • Create a street rod that’ll turn heads and provoke instant envy among friends, acquaintances, and strangers alike
  • Give it resale value and use it to ornament the garage or the driveway until you’re too old to drive then sell it to supplement your retirement
  • Restore it and sell it. Get more vintage cars and  old chevy trucks to restore and sell them, too

Whether you plan to restore your Chevy muscle car to its showroom glory or restore it and retrofit it with a sizzling-hot engine with enough power to light up a city block, you’ll need parts: Authentic Chevy restoration parts and/or GM Performance parts. Few brand-new OEM parts exist and junk yards are, for the most part, picked clean.  But there are companies that still manufacture parts that will enable you to rebuild a body and overhaul an engine to its original condition. So if it is authentic camaro restoration partsnova parts or other classic Chevy parts you want, has what you need. From the smallest dash light to crate engines, decals to seat covers, wiring harnesses to windshields, and everything in between, Classic Muscle provides the parts you need to completely restore your muscle car to factory-grade authenticity.

If it’s a performance upgrade that you have in mind – a small block or LSX Series engine that’ll put over 500 HP under the hood and make all other muscle cars blush – is the authorized Chevrolet performance parts dealer that knows what you need and gets it to your door. From big block, small block and LS Series engines to superchargers, fuel systems, GM licensed dress parts, and Oracle Lighting to give your muscle the flash to match its power, is the one-stop Chevy muscle shop you need. View Chevy Performance Parts >