Choosing the Right Cover for Your Classic Car

Whether you rebuilt your classic car or purchased it from someone else, you must protect your investment from the elements. While you cannot get a capsule to seal your car in, you can get a classic car cover to fit over your vehicle. Before you buy a car cover, you will need to know where it will be used to select the perfect protection for your classic car.

classic camaro car cover

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Car Cover Fit

Classic car covers may be ordered specifically for your vehicle's make, model and year for a glove-like fit, but these covers tend to be pricy. To offset the cost, consider a classic car cover to fit the general type of your vehicle. While you won't have a perfect fit, you will save money on your purchase.

Where Is Your Car Stored?

Not everyone has a sealed garage to keep their classic cars. Companies that specialize in classic car parts and accessories sell covers for those vehicles. The type of cover you choose depends largely on where you store your car because you won't have to protect your car from precipitation if you keep it in the garage. Your choice for a car cover goes beyond selecting an option for the size and shape of your vehicle. It must also provide the protection your car needs. Cars kept indoors need covers to protect them from dust, especially if your garage doubles as a workroom for wood or metal cutting. Classic car covers designed for indoor use are lighter in weight than those used for vehicles kept outdoors, and you should pay less for these covers compared to the heavier, waterproof, breathable covers for cars kept outdoors.

What are the Climate Conditions?

Desert or coastal climates require cars to have covers that keep out UV rays and wind-blown sand or sea spray. If you want to keep the car's paint from peeling, its interior fabrics from fading and its leather from cracking, you need a car cover that blocks out the UV rays which can do this type of damage in bright, sunny areas. No matter where you live, outdoor storage requires a waterproof classic car cover to keep rain, snow and ice off the vehicle, but a cover that is just waterproof is not enough. Humidity during rainy weather or humid summers can trap moisture underneath a car cover. If you have a material that is breathable, the moisture will evaporate and not mildew next to your vehicle's surface. Are you ready to protect your classic car? Contact Classic Muscle today for your new classic car cover.