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Nova 1962-1967

Restoration Parts 1962-67 Nova

Originally known as the Chevy II/Nova, the First Generation was Chevy's top model - billed as a compact - from 1962 through 1968. Available Nova engines included the 153 cubic inch 4 cylinder and the 194 cubic inch straight-6. In 62 and 63, rag tops were optional while the 2 door hardtop was available only on the Sport Coupe. The SS was introduced in 63 but the only engine available was the 6 cylinder. The V-8 was offered in 1964 in 195 HP 283 cubic engines and the 230 cubic engine straight-6.

The Second Generation line up ran from 1966 through 1967 when the Nova SS was known as the Sport Coupe, distinguishable only by the Chevy II SS badge, with a standard 194 cubic inch inline-6 engine. The base Chevy II 100 models were available with the 90 HP 153 cubic inch inline-4 engine. Nowhere on the SS was the name "Nova" to be found. In 1966, Nova got its first V-8 engine with 350 HP and close-ratio 4 speed transmission, earning its right to be known as a muscle car. In 1967 however it shared its sales and limelight with the newly introduced Camaro. 1967 was also the year that the Chevy II SS badges were replaced with Nova SS.