5 Most Commonly Replaced Classic Chevy Truck Parts

If you have never restored an older model vehicle, then you may not be aware of the five most commonly replaced parts. Due to age, rust, normal wear and tear, and years of sitting idle (either up on cinder blocks in someone’s backyard or in an old abandoned garage), you can expect to have to replace one or more of the five old Chevy truck parts listed below.

1. Body Components: It is highly probable that you’ll need to replace the fenders and wheel wells, floorboards and rocker panels, and/or quite possibly the bed of the truck due to rust. Classic vehicles from coastal areas and locations where salt is commonly used to melt ice on roadways will be affected most and require replacement otherwise there is apt to be a higher Bondo-to-metal ratio in the repair and less satisfaction with the finished product. 2. Brakes, axles, wheels: Don’t rely on the safety of these parts that date back to a time that precedes your first day of school. Wheels can warp, axles can rust, too, and why would you want new brakes on rusted old drums? Replace these old Chevy truck parts for your own safety and peace of mind. 3. Engine: Who knows how well the engine was cared for by the previous owner? It could be cracked, it’s most likely filthy, and the water left inside it to evaporate slowly has left behind a gritty sediment that will clog the entire engine faster than you can blink. Clean and rebuild it with any number of engine components, such as flywheels, clutch disks, or rocker arms, whether it’s an engine for a 47-59 model or an engine for a 60-72 model classic Chevy truck parts4. Transmission: Pretend that the fluid in the transmission has never been changed and that gooey gunk inside is the only thing keeping the transmission from leaking. Why not switch it while you’ve got everything under the hood dismantled? Unless you prefer taking the longer, more tedious route to completing your project, obtaining and installing a clean transmission straight out of the classic Chevy truck parts catalog is the way to go. 5. Cooling System: Again, rust is the enemy along with the gritty grime it leaves behind and if you fire up your vehicle with the ancient cooling system still in place, you can expect trouble for years to come. Replacing the cooling system now means fewer headaches in the future.   For more information on replacement parts for your truck, visit our classic Chevy truck parts page.