3 Most Popular Classic Chevy Pickup Truck Models

1948 Half-ton Pickup

1948 chevy pickup truck

While Chevy has produced several classic pickups over the years, three stand out as the most popular. Certainly, the Depression put a damper on car and truck manufacturing (and sales), it is important to note that Chevy sells almost as many trucks as cars. In fact, 68% of all Chevy vehicles sold during the month of November 2011 were trucks and SUVs. Here, we briefly outline three of the most popular Chevy pickup trucks of all time. 1948 Half-ton Pickup Photo Credit: TruckinWeb.com World War II was over, the boys were home from over there, and the Depression was history. Chevy introduced the 1948 half-ton pickup with a roomier cabin, wider bed, and improved visibility with very few changes over the next five years. The biggest change was the restyled front end on the ’53 model. Chevy trucks were even more popular now than before the Big War. Prior to WWII, the sales ratio of trucks to automobiles was 4 to 1. After WWII, the ratio jumped to 2.5 to 1.

1959 El Camino

59 el camino truck

1959 El Camino It’s a car! No, it’s a truck! Created to compete for the market share with Ford Ranchero, this Cowboy Cadillac was introduced in 1959 with the popular “fins” on its rear. It drove and rode like a car yet served to haul light loads for the gentleman farmer. The El Camino was discontinued from 1960 to 1964 at which time it reappeared with the Chevelle body styling. Chevy changed the body of the El Camino to that of the Malibu in 1978. By 1987, Chevy completely ceased production of the El Camino making it more popular among collectors than original owers.

1973 Suburban

79 suburban chevy truck

1973 Suburban Photo Credit: KitFoster.com What has come to be known as the first Sport Utility Vehicle, according to Chevy, the Suburban was introduced in 1935 as the Suburban Carryall – larger, longer, and more powerful than a station wagon, Suburban rode high, was as comfortable as a car while it’s “truck” section was enclosed, keeping light loads dry and wind-free. The ’73 model was the icon of gas hogs with its roomy interior, 4 doors plus tail gate, and capacity to carry up to nine passengers. It is the longest existing vehicle nameplate in the automotive industry. For all your classic Chevy truck parts, visit ClassicMuscle.com